Buffalo Casting Call:

Feature film: The Apprentice shooting in Buffalo in March 2016 is looking for experienced principle actors (paid).
Please only submit to this email address: castwebb@gmail.com Casting submission will not be accepted via any other means.
PLEASE SEND: professional headshot, resume, email, and direct phone number for consideration to castwebb@gmail.com
SAG and Non-union submissions accepted.
Rate: $125/day all local hires Buffalo, NY
Auditions will beheld in Buffalo from 2/25 – 3/2.

Edie- female, 40s-50s, caucasian or african american: a kind and pleasant woman. Long term worker in Outerwear Inc.’s main office and friendliest face about this small town.

David Briggs- Male, 35-40, all ethnicities: Riley’s fiancé, Statuesque and handsome, David is charming and stylish. He’s a wealthy New Yorker, and it shows. He’s supportive and caring but also reminds Riley to stay focus and not get distracted by the small town’s hardships.

Steve- male, 35-50 caucasian, african american, hispanic, asian – He’s a mix of blue collar charm and aesthete. He’s a local designer for Outerwear Inc. Friendly but a man of few words.

Dana McCormick- Female, 40-50s: Bold and brassy, Dana is like your favorite aunt who just happens to be a Fortune 500 CEO. Her effervescent charm is no mistake

Miriam Harper- Female, 55-65, caucasian or african american: Nick Harpers wife, kindly and wizened, but spry. She’s one of those who may have gotten older, but age never got the best of her. Besides her loving husband Nick, Christmas celebrating a decorating was what she lived for. She is deceased, we see her in flashbacks.

Frank- male, 45-60, caucasian, asian or african american: Outerwear Inc’s factory manager/foreman. Gravelly voiced and gruff, Frank is nonetheless sweet. There’s a teddy bear under his rough exterior. He’d do anything to help out.

Phil- male, 30-60, all ethnicities: small town shopkeeper, self deprecating and friendly.

ALL SUBMISSIONS TO castwebb@gmail.com only please.

Thank you
G. Webb