Scope of Practice: Outside Looking in at Domestic Violence

(March 4th, 2014) “What I wanted to do with this film is create a perspective from the outside looking in as opposed to the perspective of the victim.” Filmmaker Brandyn T. Williams describes his latest work; a short dramatic film entitled “Scope of Practice.”

Williams wrote the screenplay and directed it.  It’s a powerful story of a newly hired EMT who decides to risk his life and his career to take a stand against a local hero who is abusing his wife.   “I’ve witnessed domestic violence in my own family and with a few of my friends, but the film was directly influenced by one particular situation(involving a friend).  It was not necessarily the betrayal I felt when I found out one of my friends was an abuser, it was the way everyone I knew reacted to it.”

Scope of Practice Stands Against Domestic Violence“It’s told from the view of an outsider who witnesses domestic violence and decides to involve himself rather than turning his back. I wanted the character to inspire others to take a stand and act against that kind of behavior.” said Williams

The film stars Chris Barbis, Arlynn Knauff, Matt Fleck, Bryan Patrick Stoyle and a cast of talented Buffalo area actors. “Scope of Practice” was shot at various locations in Western New York including the Wehrle Family Restaurant, Blasdell Volunteer Fire Company, the Buffalo State College campus and private homes.

Scope of Practice was shot on a RED Scarlet by Matt Nardone and Joe Blodgett.

The film will have its official screening on Sunday April 6th at 5pm at the Market Arcade Cinema in downtown Buffalo.  For latest premiere info: Click Here

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