(June 25th, 2019) The film “Aging Out” is a dramatic comedy, rooted in the love of a found family. The movie touches on some of the harsh realities of the adoption system. “Aging Out” displays diversity, togetherness, courage and sacrifice that family makes to stay together.

The movie, written and directed by filmmaker Greg Robbins, will begin principal photography in Buffalo, NY August 4, 2020. It will be the first film production to take place in Western New York in the slow return from COVID-19.

“Aging Out” already has a signed distribution deal with Bridgestone Multimedia Group. The film will feature local actors and will be worked on by local crew members, a 100% Western New York production. In light of COVID-19, intense planning is in process for the production of the film. There will be someone on set designated to controlling the spread of germs and to enforce safe practices amongst the cast and crew. Special attention is being paid to all news related to COVID-19 and adjustments will continue to be made as new information is released to ensure the safety of all cast, crew, and our community.

For more information on “Aging Out”, follow the movie’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
pages @AgingOut_Movie

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