Bubble Girl Film(November 13th, 2012)  Buffalo filmmaker Peter McGennis used the Dann Memorial Ice Rink at North Buffalo’s Nichol’s School to re-create a “Fall Classic” Squirt Major Championship for the opening scene of his new feature film entitled Bubble Girl this past Monday. Local 10-12 year old skaters simulated an overtime goal and an on-ice award ceremony.

Actress Abigail Hawk (who has been in TV series such as Blue Bloods, Law & Urder: SVU, Body of Proof, etc.) was on hand to play a Buffalo hockey mom in the scene along with several local actors. Hawk raved about our local food in an interview with WIVB-TV  “The food has been remarkable. I have had sushi at Sea Bar. The beef on Weck was probably one of the greatest things I have ever had. And I come from New York, where sushi is really good, but this was my favorite sushi ever. Went to the Spot and had a cup of coffee and I tried the Chocolate Bar today. I’ve been enjoying the food; it’s delicious.”

“Bubble Girl” is the story of a young girl who overcomes a childhood illness with the help of an imaginary friend. The film pays respect to the kids and the caregivers over at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

“Bubble Girl” is McGennis’s third installment of a trilogy of Buffalo tribute films entirely shot in Buffalo.

Supporting cast, crew, and vendors on “Bubble Girl” are all from Western N.Y.

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