Jamie Scalise- Daughter of Infamous Prison Escapee Richard Matt and Author of the Book “He’s Out!” to be Featured on CNN – HLN TV Documentary “How It Really Happened”

March 16, 2021…Buffalo, NY… Season six of HLN’s longest running original series “How It Really Happened” with Will Harper a two – hour documentary will air on Sunday, March 21, 2021 from 9pm to 11pm.

The documentary will tell the story of infamous prison escapee, Richard Matt, a former Tonawanda, NY resident and will feature his daughter Jamie Scalise of North Tonawanda, NY.

In June of 2015, the greatest and most publicized prison break in the history of America took place when Richard Matt, a double murderer and David Sweat, a cop killer escaped from Clinton Correctional Facility in mountainous upstate New York.

For Jamie Scalise, like most Americans, she was glued to her TV set but for a different reason. Richard Matt was her father! She experienced the most intense and emotionally draining three weeks of her life.

Her book “He’s Out!” available on Amazon.com, and at Barnes & Noble, reveals the pure human side of a relationship of a daughter who did not know her real father for years, until she finally decided to find out on her own who Richard Matt , the father she never knew, really was. Today, Jamie’s a successful business owner and a mom with a husband and two young, beautiful little girls and a new baby boy. However, the haunting memory of her dad who she learned to understand and love will be a chapter in her life that will be with her forever.

Jamie Scalise is available now for in depth interviews.

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