Guns of Eden, an action movie written and directed by Buffalo-based filmmaker Gregory Lamberson, will have its World Premiere at Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival this Friday, August 19th at 7:00 pm, with an encore screening Sunday, August 21st at 4:30 pm. The Friday premiere is already sold out. Buffalo Dreams runs Friday, August 19th – Thursday, August 25th at Dipson Theatres Eastern Hills Cinema. Lamberson programs the festival with Chris Scioli.

Guns of Eden was conceived as an action epic in the “Rambo” mold, with a female lead. New York City actress Alexandra Faye Sadeghian and B-movie icon Lynn Lowry star, with local actors Bill Kennedy, Peter “Trazz” Johnson, Nicole Colon, and Dominic Luongo in key supporting roles.

Writer Director Greg Lamberson (Right) on set with actor Bill Brown (Left).

Lamberson wrote the screenplay in 1996, but put it in a drawer because the action was too ambitious to pull off on a low budget.

“The film has scores of characters, gunfire, fights, a car chase, and a helicopter,” Lamberson says. “But 90% of the story takes place outside, so suddenly, during the pandemic, the most challenging screenplay I was sitting on became the most practical to produce.”

Lamberson produced the movie with his wife Tamar, cinematographer Chris Cosgrave, and Keith Lukowski. Executive producers include Erin Elizabeth Heald, Kim Piazza, Armand Petri, Brooke Lewis Bellas, and Marc J. Makowski. Lamberson and his team raised $100,000 on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to make the film, which they shot last summer, primarily in downtown Buffalo, Chestnut Ridge Park, Clarence Nature Center, Akron Falls Park, and Little Rock City.

After Buffalo Dreams, Guns of Eden will screen at two out of state film festivals yet to be announced, and will be released commercially before the end of the year.



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