(May 27th, 2021)  After many stops and starts “A Quiet Place Part II” is finally in theatres for all to see.  Starring Emily Blunt, Cillian Murphy with a prelude appearance from Director John Krasinski AQP2 delivers all the thrills and tension the first movie had and more.

After shooting 47 days on film in WNY locations such as Akron, Olcott, Dunkirk, Lackawanna, Buffalo and more, “A Quiet Place II” directed by John Krasinskihas finally hit theaters.  Location appearances of Lackawanna, Grand Island, Akron, Ollcott, Fredonia along with scenes shot inside Buffalo Filmworks can now be seen by everyone. After an impressive 4.5 million dollar preview night things are off to a great start.

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter Director John Krasinski made a point of highlighting his crew which included many Western New Yorkers in relation to the opening sequence shot in Akron “I had a very can-do crew. I know that everybody thanks their crew and dedicates their movies to their crew, and I’m sure all those crews are deserving. But in my opinion, I’ve personally never worked with a more deserving crew…”.


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