Los Angeles, CA – January 19, 2021 – Freestyle Digital Media, the digital film distribution division of Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios, has acquired North American rights to the unique romantic comedy feature BAD CUPID. BAD CUPID will be available to rent and own on North American digital HD internet, cable, and satellite platforms on February 12, 2021 (Valentine Day’s weekend) and DVD on February 16, 2021 through Freestyle Digital Media.

BAD CUPID tells the story of love held hostage as an unhinged Cupid (Archie) takes a heartbroken guy and his romantic rival on a comic kidnapping. Archie is a man on a mission to ensure true love always wins. Or, short of that, someone is going to die trying. Not that he cares which. So beware anyone who gets in his way, especially anyone he’s actually trying to help.  In this case, that’s the heartbroken guy (Dave), his kooky cousin and the man about to marry the girl that got away. But just because the girl is getting married doesn’t mean the groom can’t be bound, gagged and stuffed into a bathroom stall, where Dave will face a fateful decision — help in his escape or help Archie in a capital crime. Oh, the choices we have to make for love.

BAD CUPID is full of twists with a surprise ending you’ll never see coming.
Written by Neal Howard & Ira Fritz and Anthony Piatek, BAD CUPID was co-directed by Diane Cossa and Neal Howard and was produced by Larry Jay Tish. The film was shot in its entirety in Buffalo, New York in the Fall of 2019.

BAD CUPID stars John Rhys-Davies (RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy) as Archie/Cupid, Shane Nepveu (BOARDWALK EMPIRE, RED OAKS) as Dave, Briana Marin as Morris, Claybourne Elder as Henry and Amelia Sorenson as Stella. The Buffalo New York cast is led by Christine Turturro and includes : Darleen Pickering Hummert, Preach Freedom, Joseph G. Giambra, Christina Foster, Pamela Rose Mangus Gregory P. Robbins, Jenny Marie McCabe, Bethany Burrows, David Autovino, Laura Barriere, Daniel Felix Torres, Leah Berst and Nick Stevens. “There’s nothing like this Cupid character that has ever been seen before. Throw John Rhys-Davies into the mix and it’s a Cupid you’ll never see again,” said producer Larry Jay Tish. “It’s a brilliant comic turn adding to an already incredible career.”

BAD CUPID website: www.badcupidmovie.com
BAD CUPID trailer:


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