Robbins Stunt Team is holding a John/Joan Wick style stunt bootcamp at The Sportsplex in North Tonawanda. Saturday and Sunday October 28th-29th actors and stunt performers will take a high-octane stunt bootcamp with professional stunt performers/fight choreographers, armorers, and firearm safety experts.

Founder, Greg Robbins is leading the bootcamp along with his professional stunt team. “Greg Robbins and his team are very knowledgeable, safe and are the go-to stunt team for the projects that come to Buffalo.” said Buffalo/Niagara Film Commissioner, Tim Clark.

Mr. Robbins has been preforming stunts, stunt coordinating and armorer for decades with credits that include, stunt coordinator on Hail Mary, Bad Cupid, Givers of Death, Bunker, Bound and was a stunt performer on The Terminator, Clover and Cabrini. Just to name a few.

“The film industry in Western New York needs more stunt performers” says, Greg Robbins. “This is the perfect time to bring up the next generation of stunt performers, firearm safety experts and future coordinators. We have wonderful support crews that complement the film tax credit and our beautiful city attracts the motion picture industry. We need more stunt people here, so we don’t have to hire outside of our area. This bootcamp will help with that need.”- Greg Robbins

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