Colonel Ward Pumping Station
(August 24th, 2012) Like the structure that contains the Tate Modern in London, England, the Colonel Ward Pumping Station on Buffalo’s Waterfront contains 5 works of art, in this case engineering art with 5 giant Holley Steam pumps built in 1915.

Throughout the world there are only 8 Holly Pumps remaining.  The size and scope of the Colonel Ward Station came from a time when Buffalo was one of the Top 3 cities in the United States and needed a capacity to accommodate millions of people versus the remaining thousands we have today.  In their heyday these pumps handled 30 Million Gallons per day per engine with 20′ 30 ton flywheels which generated 1,200 HP.  The plant currently operates electric pumps today that supply the City of Buffalo along side the 5 legendary pumps which serve as a reminder of Buffalo’s tremendous past accomplishments.


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