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(Pictured-  Village of Lewiston Mayor Terry Collesano, Actor Neal Bledsoe, Niagara Tourism and Convention Corporation President/CEO John Percy, and Director Tony Glazer.)



(L-R) Morning Sun Actor Neal Bledsoe, Director Tony Glazer, and Producer Summer Crockett Moore.

Morning Sun has wrapped.  Morning Sun is a quirky family drama that was set and shot primarily in the Town and Village of Lewiston, Grand Island, Hamburg, and Buffalo.

This 22 day feature shoot starred actor Neal Bledsoe (Mysteries of Laura), Danny Pudi (Community), Lance Henriksen (Terminator) Diana DeGarmo, Chasty Ballesteros and Joanna Bayless.

Morning Sun employed numerous local crew members and utilized the services of ND Studios.  Choice Films is looking to take Morning Sun to Festivals in 2016 upon completion of post production.

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Actors Danny Pudi and Diana DeGarmo shoot a scene in for Morning Sun in the Niagara Gorge.

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