The Wake Up 2013

(Kameron Wood in fur hat on set with cast and crew of “The Wake Up”)

(April 15th, 2012) Along with supporting larger projects like feature films and network television production in Western New York, the Buffalo Niagara Film Office alsolends it support to the future of the our industry as with Buffalo Native Kameron Wood and his short film project “The Wake Up”.  Mr. Wood embarked on an ambitious project for his student film at SUNY/Purchase, shot on 16 Milimeter film with a Bolex Camera,  using various locations in the Ferry/Main area of Buffalo’s Masten District.  Mr. Wood’s project is not only a student film, it also message for the entire Buffalo community hoping to inspire social change.

“The Wake Up” is the story of one man who witnesses tragedy and other negative changes around him and comes to the realization that positive social change in his environment has to start within himself” said Wood.  “The Wake Up” is set for a summer 2012 release and will be shown in community centers and churches throughout the Buffalo community.

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