Greg Robbins – New Armorer representing The Specialist LTD

Veteran Western New York SAG Actor, Stunt Person, Producer, Director Greg Robbins has become a certified armorer and regional rep for the The Specialist LTD.

About The Specialist LTD from their website
“The Specialists LTD was founded in 1981, in New York, NY, to support filmmakers, artists and NYC’s creative community. Over the last four decades, our company has continued to grow and evolve, adding talented artists and craftsmen to our team, and introducing new technologies and processes to the industry. Today, we are the East Coast’s leading supplier of fabrication, graphics and props, providing services for film & television, live theater & events, advertising & experiential marketing, art & architecture, and more.

The foundation of our company is our collective experience and knowledge gained from decades in the industry, and our enthusiasm for experimentation and problem solving. We offer state-of-the-art 3D printing, microcontroller programming, and CNC machining alongside old-world crafts like mold-making, sculpting and blacksmithing. Our team of fabricators has a wide range of expertise, with backgrounds in engineering, graphic design, art, filmmaking and programming. With our 60,000 square foot facility in Queens, we have the space and resources to work with a wide range of materials, processes and machines.”

About Greg Robbins from IMDB –
Greg Robbins is an American stunt performer, actor, writer and director. Originally stepped in front of the camera in 1984 playing a redneck thug in a made for TV movie, The Grand Baby (1985) (TV)_. Born in Glendale, California, Greg lived the first 13 years of his life in North Hollywood. He believed he would act for a living at a very young age. His grandfather gave him an 8mm camera when he was 9 years old and he began making home movies with his younger brothers. The summer before eighth grade he went to see the motocross movie On Any Sunday (1971) starring Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. Back then theaters had double features, and the movie playing first was Sometimes a Great Notion (1971), also starring Paul Newman. There is a scene in that film when Newman’s brother, played by Richard Jaeckel, is trapped under a log and drowns. Two things happened that day to Robbins, he acquired a fear of drowning and realized that he wanted to be an actor/stuntman and tell stories. Greg Robbins started his life in a body cast when, at four weeks of age, he was in a car accident with his parents. His legs were broken, and his doctors thought he would never be able to run and he could even possibly have a limp. It was not to be, however, and Greg became a very good athlete. His grandmother said during that time that this boy would do great things with his life. His storytelling ability surfaced in 1971 when his uncle was killed in Vietnam. The story of how he died made Greg decide to write the story down. This ended up being the first movie he ever wrote at age 11, called “John Henry”. Even though the film is not produced yet, it still remains his favorite story. Not long after that, Greg’s mother divorced his father, ending a very volatile life for Greg, his mother and his two younger brothers. Sometime after that Greg’s mother re-married, and Greg’s new stepfather was a good man and treated him well. Greg and his family moved to Granada Hills, California, when he was 13 and he stayed there until his late 20’s. He bounced around Hollywood, attending the LA Actors Theater, going to stunt school and Van-Mar Acting Academy. He held a string of stunts, modeling and acting jobs. Then after the SAG and WGA strikes in the mid-’80s, his grandfather talked him into going to “dealer college” in Las Vegas. Every time he had an audition or landed a role in a play or a modeling job he would leave Vegas and then return after the gig. This went on until he met his wife in 1991, when he settled down and started raising a family. In 1996 the idea for a sitcom came to him sitting in church; after writing it and developing the series, he was sure Hollywood would not like it, so he shelved it and went on to do the wildlife series Animal Action (2001). Through this time he kept developing his Christian sitcom and eventually produced 3 seasons of it. Robbins has a passion for telling stories that build up society. Robbins’ is also a competing 2nd Degree Black Belt or I-Dan in Tae Kwon-Do; he along with his wife and kids train together. The Tae Kwon-Do creed is a beautiful and uplifting way to live life that Robbins is gravitated to. In 2017 he along with his daughter Shauna and son Gregory formed Robbins Stunt Team; they provide stunt performers in western New York. Today he lives a wonderful life with his wife and their 2 children actors/stunt performers Shauna Robbins and Gregory P. Robbins. Greg is still trying to provide good stories that enhance lives as well as entertains.

After receiving extensive training at The Specialist NYC HQ, Robbins passed their extensive screening with flying colors and is ready to serve the WNY production community.

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