(February 4th, 2013) After searching the Northeast for an accommodating subway station, producer Roland Uruci and his crew from Dyrranchium Productions out of New York City, chose the Buffalo Metrorail to film their next feature “Subway Station”.   This short form narrative directed by Dhimitri Ismailaj, tells the story of a father and son who face religious discrimination and violence while waiting for a subway train.

The cast and crew of “Subway Station”

The cast and crew of “Subway Station” pose for a group shot after wrapping this past Sunday.

The shoot which took place Sunday, February 2nd at the Summer Best Station, relied on the support of Buffalo’s newest production company Filmkiln., as well as hiring many other talented Western New Yorker’s including the acting talents of Jason John Beebe who joined the New York City based cast.   Filmkin. has scored post production duties for “Subway Station” in Buffalo as well.  Look for “Subway Station” to premiere at top festivals this summer.

Subway Shots filming

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