The Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival now till Thursday at The Dipson Amherst Theatre located at 3500 Main Street in Buffalo.
Seven days of animation, comedy, drama, fantasy, horror and science fiction. Our TENTH year of bringing the best independent films from around the word to Western New York, and shining a spotlight on local artists. Consistently raked one of the 100 top film festivals on FilmFreeway.
Tuesday, August 22nd
2:00 International Shorts #1 (76 mins)
Six amazing international short films.
Playtime of the Dead (UK, 5 mins)
Girl in the Dark (Ukraine, 5 mins)
Lethe (China, 22 mins)
Giti Jan (Iran, 10 mins)
Terminally On (China, 34 mins)
3:45 International Shorts #2 (85 mins)
Our second block of some of the best international short films.
Emily’s Mountain (Israel, 22 mins)
The Black Box (Taiwan, 30 mins)
The Ankou, the Child, and the Bandits (France, 33 mins)
6:30 WNY Shorts 3 (70 mins)
Seven short films by local artists who will do Q&As.
Rusalka (4 mins)
Our Last Ride (2 mins)
Cruzando (6 mins)
Launchpad (6 mins)
To Know a Veil (10 mins)
WORLD PREMIERE: The Sicks (20 mins)
World Premiere: Haunted (22 mins)
8:45 Break Glass (Comedy-Drama, NYS, 1 hr 51 mins)
Offbeat comedy-drama about two brothers and one woman who take a road trip across New York State to repair mistakes of the past.
Wednesday, August 23rd
3:30 US & Canadian Shorts (89 mins)
Five incredible shorts from the US and the Great White North.
All the Young Dudes (US, 9 mins)
Greed & Gore (Canada, 15 mins)
The 44th Chamber of Shaolin (NYC, 15 mins)
Vegas is Calling (US, 22 mins)
Some Visitors (US, 28 mins)
6:30 WNY Shorts 4 (56 mins)
Six short films produced in WNY, with Q&As.
Give the Gate (7 mins)
Simulacrum (8 mins)
The Conduit (9 mins)
Time Stood Still (8 mins)
Nothing Personal (P.O.C.) (11 mins)
Love’s a Drug (12 mins)
8:30 Demon Behind the Glass (Horror, WNY, 84 mins)

A corpse discovered by a journalist in his rental home is reanimated by demons.

Short: Demons in the Closet (claymation, 1 min)

Thursday, August 24th
3:30 The Haunting of the Lady-Jane (Horror, UK, 98 mins)
A man’s obsession with ghosts upends a boat tour of the British canals taken by two women. Suspense served with a terrifying conclusion!
6:30 The Beautiful Mess (WNY, 5 mins)
WNY Short Features: Willowvale Harbor (WNY, Horror, 55 mins)
A conspiracy theorist discovers an abandoned town believed to exist only in urban legends.
The Rise of Marco Alfonsi (WNY, Crime Drama, 46 mins) A young man’s climb to power.
9:20 Fang (Horror, US, 98 min)
The legendary Lynn Lowry co-stars in this story of a troubled young man who undergoes terrifying changes after being bitten by a rat.
In memory of William S. Brown, one of us, 1943 – 2022
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