MORE HORIZONTAL(October 21, 2014) See the premiere of  “Within” as it make it’s world premiere on Halloween night at the North Park Theatre, 1428 Hertel Ave in Buffalo, NY.

From Director Ken Consentino-

“Within” follows the story of five strangers who have been brought together by unforeseen circumstances during the outbreak of a highly contagious virus that brings the dead back to life. While attempting to cope and survive in a farm house, the group begins to learn about each other’s pasts. It’s not long before zombies are knocking on the door, hoping to get in so that they can devour human flesh!941318_377902692329806_277727132_n

This film is unrated, has some harsh language and lots of blood and gore. There is also loads of comedy and tongue in cheek references to classic films.“We did our best to make this a film that can be enjoyed by anyone, but our main audience is the zombie loving demographic,” says director Ken Cosentino, “there is a scene that’s a shot for shot remake of the eye gouge from Fulci’s ‘Zombie’, and a lot of other fun stuff.” The film starts Tyler Austin as Albert, Cynthia LaForest Gerber, Joseph Giambra, Madison Ranne, and nine year old Noah Wisniewski, all of whom are local to Western New York.

“The main character, Albert, is gay, and Tyler Austin is gay in real life, so this film really appeals to the LGBT crowd as well. It’s the first zombie film I’ve ever seen with a gay protagonist” says Cosentino, whose company Little Sicily Productions recently produced the comic book film “Crimson”, which is available in major retail stores in North America. “Crimson” was shot almost entirely in Niagara Falls.

Doors open at 9:30 pm and the movie starts at 10 pm. The film is 90 minutes long and will be followed by a Q & A with the cast and crew.

Tickets are $12 presale or $15 at the door, (unless you dress “head to toe” in costume, then they are $12). Guests are encouraged to come celebrate in costume. An after party will be held at 12:30 am at Fat Bob’s Smokehouse in Buffalo. There will be prizes for the best costumes and anyone who purchased a movie ticket will have the opportunity to party with the cast and crew.

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