Hickscover(August 13th, 2014) Buffalo, New York – Dick Johnson and Tommygun vs. the Cannibal Cop wrapped principal photography in Buffalo, New York. The film, an action-horror-buddy cop hybrid, was written by John Renna, who co-stars with Sam Qualiana. Danny Hicks, Debbie Rochon, and Timothy Patrick Quill are also in the cast.


Debbie Rochan(Left) and Sam Qualiana (Right back to camera).

“Working with Danny and Tim, and finally getting to direct Debbie, was a true honor,” says Renna. “The support we received from local businesses was staggering. Buffalo actively supports film and art, making a lot possible on a minimal budget.”

cast crew[2]

Cast and Crew(L-R) Chris Rados, Danny Hicks, Sam Qualiana, Timothy Patrick Quill , and John Renna.

Qualiana plays Dick Johnson, a by the book detective who partners with rough around the edges Jeff “Tommygun” Thompson to track down the elusive and mysterious Cannibal Cop. Hicks plays their captain, who takes an active role in the manhunt; Rochon plays a police woman who holds the secret to the mayhem; and Quill plays Shabby Sammy, an underworld connection. The rest of the cast is played by Buffalo locals, and the rock group Pinky Doodle performs in the film.

erika frase[2]

Erika Frase

“What we’ve accomplished on such a small budget is really remarkable,” says Chris Rados, who co-produced and co-directed the film with Renna, and served as its cinematographer. “There’s action, comedy, and a touch of horror to keep fans of each genre happy. Throw in Debbie, Danny and Tim, and I think we have something special.”

The filmmakers still need to shoot additional action and special effects inserts, but plan to finish their opus by the end of the year. Cheryl Clements served as executive producer through her company River Ridge Reels.

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Article written and submitted to Buffalo Niagara Film Office by Greg Lamberson


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